Python Packages with ActivePython and PyPM (Python Package Manager)

Save time and make solid design decisions by searching and reviewing details of Python packages (Python modules) instantly with PyPM Index. 

PyPM Index enables you to search for Python packages and understand build information and availability through ActivePython PyPM build repositories.

Search by name, metadata tags and categories through the ActivePython repository of over 7,000 Python packages (Python modules). Then see critical information for each package, including build/version and OS-specific details, package dependencies, and availability by ActivePython edition.

Additional Benefits of PyPM Index:

  • View the most popular and recent additions to the repository
  • Understand module dependencies and release availability with ease
  • Review detailed documentation beyond just package author documentation
  • Deploy the right version of Python packages/modules for your operating system
  • Share information about your favorite modules with your colleagues via Twitter
  • View timely, targeted information from the new and improved repository interface
  • See package information for hundreds of packages from’s PyPI repository that failed to build successfully

Installing Python Packages with ActivePython Saves Time

ActiveState's Python Package Manager (PyPM) enables quick installation of thousands of Python packages for many versions and platforms for ActivePython.

PyPM Installer simplifies the task of locating, installing, upgrading and removing Python packages (Python modules).  Through command line or a GUI, PyPM client accesses PyPM repositories (collections of packages/modules) on the Internet or on a local network for all Python packages available through PyPM Index.

Enterprise Ready Python Distribution

ActiveState’s ActivePython distribution offers significant time savings for enterprises when compared with unsupported open source Python for searching, installing, removing, upgrading, and managing Python packages. Don’t waste precious development time troubleshooting modules, struggling with deployments or waiting for public forum responses. ActiveState experts are available when you need them to make Python development swift, pain free and of the highest standard.

A complete list of which Python Modules are only available with ActivePython Business Edition, Enterprise Edition and OEM Edition, is available here.