ActivePython Database Modules for MySQL-Python, Psycopg2, Pyodbc

ActivePython, the industry-standard, commercial-grade Python distribution used by millions of developers around the world, now provides enterprise-class Database Modules for MySQL, PostgreSQL (often simply referred to as "Postgres"), Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and ODBC. The key Python packages are mysql-python, psycopg2, cx_Oracle, pyodbc, and pymssql.

With the addition of these modules, ActivePython now supports the most popular proprietary and open source databases including MySQL, Postgres, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

Connect Your Enterprise Applications Easier

Connect your enterprise applications to a suite of enterprise-class databases with the ActivePython Database Packages. With a larger number of supported mix of modules available, programmers can now work with  various relational and object databases from a Python program.

Choose From Both Open Source and Proprietary Databases

This release improves ActivePython's ability to connect with a mix of popular proprietary and open source databases giving developers more flexibility and more choice in their design decisions, including whether to use an open source or propriety database. ActivePython now supports the most popular proprietary and open source in the ActivePython Database Modules for MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, ODBC, Mssql and sqlite.

Five New Database Modules Added to ActivePython: MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, ODBC, and mssql

Packages now included in PyPM are MySQL: MySQL-python, PostgreSQL: psycopg2, Oracle: cx_Oracle, ODBC pyodbc, and mssql: pymssql.

All packages are available in Community Edition, Business Edition, Enterprise Edition and with OEM agreements.

Don't see your database on this list? Check our full list of supported packages, or contact us for more information.

Safeguard Your Business-Critical Systems

ActivePython Business & Enterprise Editions include service level guarantees to support business-critical systems. Using Python in the enterprise has never been so safe and so easy. Get ActiveState commercial-grade support and rest assured knowing your development process meets company support standards.  Comprehensive licensing agreements through OEM Edition lets you redistribute ActivePython and your required modules worry-free.