Profiling Komodo
by Todd Whiteman

Todd Whiteman, April 23, 2008

There are quite a number of tools the Komodo team will use during their development process, one of the most crucial for tracking down Komodo performance problems is the Python hotshot module. Using this module, you can track the performance of Python function calls and then with the use of some nifty tools create a visualization report of where most time is being spent.

Komodo provides some additional helper methods to easily set this up and manage the resulting data. The techniques are described in the following wiki page:


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Todd Whiteman is the Development Lead for Komodo IDE. He works adeptly with Mozilla, Python and JavaScript to ensure that Komodo IDE is the IDE of choice for development teams. Todd has been working on Komodo IDE for nearly 6 years, adding components such as the Vi Key Bindings, Distributed Source Code Control, 64-bit Linux builds as well as Remote SSH support into Komodo IDE.