Keep Your Team on Task with Workspace

, July 2, 2009

More developers means faster development, right? Wrong. When you add a new developer, it feels like you add developer2 connections. And more connections equal new ways to waste time and lose vital information.

Simplify your team's communication with Workspace.

Workspace has all the tools your team needs to stay connected, focused and on task, whether they're sitting right beside you or coding in the Caribbean.

  • Use a unified project view to keep track of code, collaboration and team tasks.
  • Store all your code in one place.
  • Keep the lines of communication open with wikis, blogs, forums, issue tracking and more.

The best collaboration tools for the job. Secure hosting trusted by over 1,800 users so far. An active community of developers. A feature-rich roadmap. ActiveState on your side.

Sign-up for your free account today. Create a Workspace project before July 15 for a chance to win a Dell Netbook.

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