Pop the Bubbly - ActiveState launches Business Training for Perl, Python and Tcl.
by Liliya Apostolova

Liliya Apostolova, August 12, 2009

Development teams can finally hone their Perl, Python and Tcl programming skills with the new Business Training program ActiveState launched today. There are a lot of benefits to encouraging developers to polish their programming skills.

One obvious reason is that the development team could become better experts in coding with Perl, Python and Tcl. For their organization, this means a couple of things:

Products launched on time and on budget vs. a blown development schedule and an increasingly expensive development effort. Did I mention the personal satisfaction that the dev team will experience when they refine their skills?

The Business Training program is customized for the team's needs and training is conducted in the comfort of your offices, on your computers. Here are some additional highlights of the program:

  • Training length is generally 2-3 days (this will vary depending on program intensity)
  • Class level is from beginner to advanced in Perl, Python and Tcl
  • Curriculum is a combination of both lecture and hands-on exercises
  • ActiveState developer tools are made available during training sessions

Check out the ActiveState Business Training page for additional details.

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Liliya Apostolova is ActiveState's marketing communications manager. Her specialty is progressive product marketing and communications for hi-tech companies. She earned her B.Comm degree from the University of British Columbia with a major in marketing and a certificate from Pragmatic Marketing.