Write a Poem, Win a T-shirt

, August 11, 2009

Announcing...the ActiveState poetry contest.

Write a poem about your favorite ActiveState product and you could win an ActiveState t-shirt!
We're accepting entries until August 31st.

Leave us a comment with your entry or email it to marcom [at] activestate [dot] com (subject: ActiveState poem) with "ActiveState poem" in the subject line.

Here's what one Komodo fan wrote:

Coding with Komodo really rocks,
Coding with Komodo really rocks,

It's spiffy, efficient, it'll knock off your socks,
Coding with Komodo really rocks,

That lizard is groovy, quick, and lean,
A great addition to your Development team!

Thanks for all the great work,

Kevin W.
Nashville, TN

And thank you, Kevin, for applying your creativity to praising Komodo.

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4 comments for Write a Poem, Win a T-shirt

Here are a few more from Robert H. in Stephens City, VA:

I have 3 tools that I use you see,
Komodo Edit, ActiveTcl and me,
Of the 3 that I use, I smirk as I muse,
The weakest link of the 3 is me!

ActiveTcl you are the world to me.
From the easy package management,
and the quality control that maintains you,
to the fun that is coding Tcl.
ActiveTcl you are the world to me.

= and a haiku =

Just write one more line
The code yearns to come out
I start Komodo


And another from Colin B. in Portugal:

When starting to code with Komodo
The differences soon really showed, oh
I wish I’d changed faster
Cos the one I used last has
About as much life as a dodo


A very funny one from Scott A. in Casa Grande, AZ:

There once was a man from Nantucket
Who took ActiveTcl and stuck it
Inside a C wrapper
And programmed the crapper
To flush itself (who would've thunk it?)


Just in from Fabian B. from Germany:

I almost lost my hope and faith,
until I found ActiveState.
I think Komodo is what I am dreaming about,
I even could give it a free 21 day tryout.
I bought it after a few days of usage,
because this tool is pure pownage.
I recommend it wherever I can,
just because I'm your biggest fan!