Workspace Beta: Project URL changes and SVN

, October 21, 2009

Workspace Beta: Project URL changes and SVN:
Recent changes in Workspace infrastructure have had some unintended effects for users with project repositories checked out before Sept. 28th. If you're the owner of one or more projects, it's likely that your local working copies will need to be updated if you created projects prior to this date.

Workspace projects used to have URLs that looked like this:

The SVN repository URLs of these projects looked like this:

Now, projects have "namespaced" URLs to allow different users to have projects with the same name (think "MyProject", "test", "Website" etc.). The new project URLs look like this:

... with associated SVN URLs of:

We had intended that the URLs of projects created before this change would continue to work normally and interchangeably with the new project locations. In fact this did work until recent changes to how we load balance Workspace broke these redirects. We were faced with a conundrum: without the load balancer, we can't scale Workspace effectively; with it, we can't handle the old SVN URLs.

Unfortunately, this means users of projects created before Sept. 28th will have to switch to using the new URLs.
Fortunately, this isn't that difficult. It should be as easy as running the 'svn switch' command. For example, for a checkout of the Sandbox project shown above, you would 'cd' to the root directory of your local working copy and run:

$ svn switch --relocate

This will update the local working copy to mirror the new URL.Subsequent svn commands should work normally.

The checkout command shown on the project's "Source->Checkout" page displays the correct, new URL.

We'd like to apologize to those users who have run into this problem, and reassure everyone that we will do everything we can to minimize disruptions

like this in future. We feel that the changes have helped make Workspace faster, more robust and more stable than it was when we started the Beta, nd we hope to continue this trend.

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