How to Save Time with Firefly Ticket Management
by Liliya Apostolova

Liliya Apostolova, November 30, 2009

Firefly has a number of convenient bridges between features which work as handy shortcuts and make Firefly more than the sum of its parts. One such bridge is between source code control and the ticket management system.

Whether you're using Subversion or Mercurial as your version control system, you can issue commands to manage tickets, i.e.close or reference them right from the commit log message.

For example:

"This patch fixes #244 and provides a prerequisite for feature x (see #312)"

If a user adds the above to a commit log message, it would activate the closing of ticket #244, and add the log message as a comment to tickets #244 (a bug) and #312 (a feature request, task or story).

Linking code commits to tasks or bugs is a good practice. Making that task easy helps make sure that it actually gets done.

For enabling this option in Firefly, the project administrator must enable Ticket Management Control under Admin -> General -> Repository Policies

Check out the full wiki page !

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