ActiveState Top Picks for OSBC 2010
by Angie Hirata

Angie Hirata, March 11, 2010

As OSBC is approaching, my team and I are busy preparing for the event, to make the most of our time and investment there.

Top PicksHere are our top picks for sessions we'll be attending:

#1 - Moderated Keynote Panel Discussion: The Future of Open Source: 2010

Open source is increasingly mainstream, but getting value from it, whether you’re a vendor or buyer, is still more art than science. This panel discussion will explore customer motivations for adopting Open Source Software; operational experiences with open source adoption – such as maintenance and cost control; disruptive business models and which market segments are being impacted; as well as many other issues impacting Open Source adoption in the Enterprise and Government. Importantly, this session will draw on the 2010 Future of Open Source survey while also drawing on live polling results from OSBC attendees and an expert panel of five leading CEOs to discover where open source is going, and how you can drive it there.

Moderator: Michael Skok (General Partner, North Bridge Venture Partners)
Larry Augustin (CEO, SugarCRM), Dries Buytaert (CTO & Co-Founder, Acquia), Jim Whitehurst (CEO, Red Hat), Tim Yeaton (CEO & President, Black Duck Software)

#2 - Birds of a Feather Lunch Discussion:

I had to throw this one in here since Jeff Hobbs, our Director of Engineering, will be hosting this roundtable on "Using dynamic languages for faster development in the enterprise".

#3 - From Support Services to Software Services – The Evolution of Open Source Business Strategies

Debates continue to rage about the best and right way to make money from open source software, and how vendors can combine commercial interests with community development and licensing requirements to maximize the return from their investment in open source software. This presentation will provide an early overview of research from The 451 Group on open source business strategies due to be published later in 2010.

Speaker: Matt Aslett (Analyst, The 451 Group)

#4 - Open Source and Its Role in Lean Development

Forward thinking development shops are adopting Lean Software principles are many are doing so by using open source software (OSS) frameworks and runtimes. Join Forrester Principal Analyst Jeffrey Hammond as he examines the dynamics that connect the open source movement to Lean principles. Jeffrey will discuss the process adjustments required when an organization decides to use OSS frameworks as part of its Lean Software strategy.

Speaker: Jeffrey Hammond (Senior Analyst, Forrester)

#5 - The Shifting Open-Source Opportunity

Open source is changing as enterprises and vendors converge in embracing and extending an ever increasing array of open-source projects. This session with the leading investors in open source will cover the successful models that got the industry to this point, and will highlight next-generation business strategies and markets ripe for open-source software.

Moderator: Ashlee Vance (Reporter, The New York Times)
Peter Fenton (General Partner, Benchmark), Robin Vasan (General Partner, Mayfield), Zack Urlocker (Former EVP, MySQL)

#6 - Managing Open Source Software: Best Practices

Open source software is being widely used by companies throughout the software ecosystem. As a result, litigation is increasing and many companies are demanding a bill of material listing all open source included in a particular product. This session will focus on how companies are managing the use of open source software to avoid inadvertently opening themselves up to liability.

Speaker: Mark Radcliffe (Partner, DLA Piper LLP)

#7 Open Source and the Cloud: IT Opportunities and Challenges

Just as open source has made it easier for developers to distribute software, the Cloud has ushered in a new wave of consumption, turning on-premise IT from a necessity to an option. While open source offers users a great deal of control over their applications and data, the Cloud requires users to not only follow the providers methodology, but also locks applications and data into a specific Cloud platform.

Moderator: Dave Rosenberg (Blogger, CNET)
James Urquhart (Platform Evangelist, Cisco), Chris Mattman (Senior Computer Scientist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Erica Brescia (CEO, BitRock)

#8 - Keynote: The Real Open Source Opportunity

We’ve spent years analyzing and experimenting with open-source business models, but it’s even more clear today than when Tim O'Reilly penned “The Open Source Paradigm Shift” in 2004, that open source is a business enabler, not a business model. The market is rife with ways to increase innovation, cut costs, and build businesses using open source, but they look more like Google than Red Hat. It’s time the software industry learned to look beyond open-source licenses to uncover the real power of open source.

Speaker: Tim O'Reilly (President, O'Reilly Media)

#9 - Open source Due Diligence in M&A, Financings, and OEM Deals

Open source investigation has for many years been part of "due diligence" in acquisition and financing transactions. Now, companies are becoming more sophisticated in their analysis and in many cases more demanding of target companies and investment recipients. Open source diligence is also more common on OEM and other technology distribution transactions. This session will cover what to expect, how to prepare, and how to deal with common issues and problems in open source diligence.

Speaker: John Brockland (Partner, Dewey LeBoeuf LLP)

#10 - How Open Source Changes the Role of Enterprise IT

About two years ago, Aviall started down the path of incorporating open-source products into their IT solution mix. This session will overview why the company took this direction, explore how OS entered the IT organization, discover what lessons were learned and project what the future of OS at Aviall will be. This will be a good session for leaders in organizations who are still early in their plans to utilize OS and wanting to hear some real-world experience of what worked and what didn't, and ultimately how Aviall level-set their expectations on the best use of OS in their organization.

Speaker: Joe Lacik (Senior Vice President of Information Services, Aviall Services, Inc.)

#11 - Cost Conscious – Calculating and Understanding the Cost Benefits of Open Source Software

Should enterprises expect to save money with open-source software? If so, where? There is no shortage of opinions on the perceived and real cost benefits of open source, but recent survey data from The 451 Group can help to shed light on the topic. In this session, The 451 Group analyst Jay Lyman will provide a practical guide for understanding and calculating the financial benefits of open source software in the enterprise, including laying a foundation so that attendees can perform their own meaningful cost analysis for their particular business.

Speaker: Jay Lyman (Analyst, The 451 Group)

#12 - Open Cloud – Open APIs and Economic Growth

Openness has been used as an index of economic growth in international markets. With the rapid expansion of cloud computing, we have seen a wave of business expansion based on open APIs which has enabled innovation by 3rd parties, much as open source has enabled this trend in software. Openness is unevenly distributed however, and in some areas open APIs do not promise open data, which threatens the expansion of the cloud economy. What are the key concerns for technologists in the openness of cloud computing? How can we collectively drive the standards of the industry towards an open cloud? Come to this session to learn about the state of the art and challenge the panelists on the value and requirements of openness in the cloud.

Moderator: Geva Perry (Blogger and strategic Cloud Advisor)
: Scott Metzger (CTO, TransUnion), Dion Hinchcliffe (CTO, Hinchcliffe & Company), Peter Coffee (Director Platform Research,, Mike Olson (CEO, Cloudera), Sam Ramji (VP Strategy, Sonoa)

#13 - The Web Is the Platform

The battle lines are being drawn again in the platform wars. On the one hand, you have the open, decentralized web that is rapidly evolving as an attractive platform for developing rich applications. And on the other, you have powerful, integrated frameworks that are established market options for building rich web experiences.

Moderator: Mark Driver (Senior Analyst, Gartner
Chris Blizzard (Mozilla), Dion Almaer (Palm), Dave Mcallister (Director, Open Source and Standards, Adobe), Brian Goldfarb (Lead Product Manager, Web Platform and Tools, Microsoft)

Going to OSBC? Share your favourite sessions in the comments.

Don't forget to drop by the ActiveState booth in the Showcase area of the Palace Hotel to enter your business card for an Amazon Kindle or to chat about open source, dynamic languages, business and anything else you want to share.

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