The True Cost of Open Source Software: New White Paper from ActiveState
by Shannon Yelland

Shannon Yelland, March 2, 2010

Distilling the Debate: Is Open Source Software for You?

If you have researched open source software, even just a little, you’ve likely encountered two distinct worldviews:

  1. believers
  2. skeptics

Believers celebrate open source as free, collaborative code. In this paradigm, open source software isn’t just a free licensing model; it is a movement for building better, more flexible software. But, that’s just one side of the story. Open source skeptics raise compelling counterarguments for why open source software and the enterprise don’t mix.

So, where does this leave you, especially if you are tasked with deciding whether or not to implement open source software in your organization?

total cost of open source To receive our brand new white paper via email, fill out form here: "The True Cost of Open Source Software Uncovering Hidden Costs and Maximizing ROI".

In this paper we’ll delve deep into both arguments and provide practical tools (formulas and tables) to help you decide whether or not open source software will be a good return on your company’s investment. We’ll also present solutions for bridging the gap between “believers” and “skeptics” in your organization, and for reducing risks that go hand-in-hand with running open source software in the enterprise.

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