New Poll Results: Open Source License Compliance A Major Concern for Enterprises
by Liliya Apostolova

Liliya Apostolova, May 4, 2010

Last week, we conducted an informal poll amongst 70 IT professionals including a mix of engineers, information architects, lawyers and CIOs. The survey was conducted in a webinar entitled “Safeguarding against the risks of improper open source licensing – valuable lessons for software/hardware vendors” by Greg Olson, a senior partner at Olliance Group and Bart Copeland, President and CEO of ActiveState.

Two things stood out in the poll results:

  • Open source license compliance was a major concern for over 60% of the enterprises
  • Over 60% of these enterprises lacked visibility into their degree of risk exposure

These results were consistent with the recent Forrester research on the usage of open source in enterprises which implied that enterprise developers are using open source components in applications and opening up their companies to legal or privacy risks without realizing it.

Respondents were also asked which dynamic languages they use for their enterprise development (multiple answers were allowed) and the following results emerged:

  • Perl  was used by 62%
  • Python was used by 40%
  • Tcl was used by 30%
  • PHP/Ruby/Javascript was used by 70%
  • Only 4% did not use any dynamic languages

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Review the complete set of poll results and to review the slide presentation for Safeguarding against the risks of improper open source licensing - valuable lessons for software/hardware vendors.

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