Komodo 6.0 RC 1: More Stable, Places UI Love

, September 9, 2010

We (ActiveState) released Komodo 6.0 RC 1 today and we want your feedback. If you are using beta 3 from about a month ago you can update via Komodo's Help > Check for Updates... menu entry. If you are a current Komodo IDE 5 or Komodo Edit 5 user; in the market for a new Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Tcl, XML, HTML, CSS IDE or editor; interested in hacking on an open source editor; or just curious please download the release candidate:

Read some of the details below and tell us how you really feel:

What's New in RC 1?

  • Project changes
    • projects are now accessible through the places panel
    • project tools are now merged into the main toolbox
    • codeintel and fast open utilize the open project
  • Menu changes
    • the Komodo menus have been tweaked
    • provides better functionality grouping and consistency
  • Side panes
    • left pane now uses a vertical tab layout
    • customize the layout through the Appearance prefs
  • Places
    • fixed a number of CPU performance issues
  • International keyboard and IME improvements
  • Stability improvements on all platforms
Komodo IDE and Django

What's New in Komodo 6?

A lot. HTML 5 autocomplete. CSS 3 autocomplete. Full Python 3 support (debugging, syntax checking, autocomplete, code browsing). A new Database Explorer tool for quickly exploring SQL databases (SQLite out of the box and extensions for MySQL and Oracle, with plans for Postgres). A new project system called "Places" that adds a file system browser (local and remote). New publishing support for syncing a directory with a remote machine. Additions to Komodo's Hyperlinks for quickly navigating to file references. Added support for PHP, Perl, Ruby and JavaScript regular expression debugging with Komodo's excellent Rx tool. See the Komodo 6.0 Features post for a full outline.

Your feedback please

We're hoping that a Komodo 6 final release is not too far away now. We'd love to have your input on how we can polish and improve on the above work and how we can make Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit tools that help you get your coding work done faster. Please subscribe to this blog or follow @activestate on twitter for coming posts that go into detail on what's coming and new in Komodo 6. And please give us your feedback. Enjoy.

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23 comments for Komodo 6.0 RC 1: More Stable, Places UI Love

Thanks guys for your hard work!



the new layout looks pretty neat.
However I'm missing the search field within projects.
Have you abandoned this feature?



@Gregor: Find in current project is still there in a few places. See my reply to Karol above. Suggestions for making it more discoverable/useful are welcome.


Thank you, from brazilian user of komodo editor.


Can I try it out without affecting my KE5 install?


Yes. Komodo 6 and Komodo 5 use completely separate user data areas so they don't stomp on each other. If you are trying Komodo 6 for the first time it will import your Komodo 5 settings.


Looking great. Good job.

I have one question. Where did searching files in project gone ? It was always accessible at the top of the places.
I don't see it anymore...

It was very useful when you need to search in project for specific files.


There is "Edit > Find in Current Project..." in the main menu (where it was before, I believe). As well, the Ctrl+Shift+F (Cmd+Shift+F on the Mac) keybinding for "Find in Files..." will remember its search scope: i.e. will remember to find "in current project" if you set the scope to that. You can also use "right-click > Find..." on the any of the directory nodes in places (including the root node). I suppose a "Find in Project..." entry in the "Projects" subpanel cog menu might be justified.


Thanks for the reply Trent.
I believe Search field I have been speaking about has kinda different functionality. To see what i mean:

It was pretty useful and to be honest i really miss this feature...


Ah, the Places filter box. Unfortunately, no, we won't have this for 6.0 final release. Perhaps we can revisit for a 6.1 release. The problem was with potential large perf problems if the tree was large. Think about running a filter to find all files match "foo" when the Places root dir is '/'.

One thought we had was to use the fastopen dialog (File | Open | Fast Open...), put into a mode to search recursively only under the current Places root dir. That would help with the use case of trying to find files matching a certain filter string. The fastopen dialog as is wouldn't visually show a *hierarchy* though.

It would be helpful to know people's particular use cases for this (and any) feature to help us impl features.


Not yet, unfortunately.


How about Jython? yes, I know that the python syntax highlighting will work. I'm really looking for code completion when using java libraries.

ala pyDev. (which I don't use because I don't like *that* editor/ide)


No explicit Jython support currently, unfortunately. However, Komodo does have a mechanism where by autocomplete for 'java' imports in Jython would be possible. Komodo's Code Intelligence system has allows one to add "API Catalogs". These are XML files that define an API and are used to provide autocomplete and calltips. For example Komodo ships with a pywin32.cix (CIX == Code Intelligence Xml) that defines the Python PyWin32 API -- i.e. it tells Komodo what to do for autocomplete when it sees "import win32api" et al.

Someone could write a jython.cix that was a Python API catalog for the "java" namespace. Presumably this would be generated by a script. I'm not a Jython developer so I don't know how difficult that would be, but I presume that it would be fairly straightforward using Jython introspection. A good start (if you or any reader is interested) is to look at pywin32.cix in a Komodo install and at the RelaxNG schema (with comments) for the CIX format ( and to ask questions on the Komodo forums (

The limitation here is that an API catalog is static: i.e. this would only cover java APIs that are known ahead of time and not java imports that are, say, only on the end user machine. If the generator script were open source, then users could run that over their Java libs to generate API catalogs for those.

The full solution would be an extension to Komodo's codeintel system's scanning to support scanning Java class libraries in the fly. That would require a motivated hacker to dig into the codeintel system in openkomodo (

However, getting a good jython.cix I think would be a great 80% solution.


I missed beta3, it seems, but I put up a review of Komodo IDE 6.0.0 RC1:


@Dan: Thanks for the review. We'd love to have bug reports/feature requests ( for the issues you identified in your review.


Hi, thanks for your work.
I was wondering: is the OSX theme in this RC definitive (barring fixing bugs/obvious glitches), or are there plans to improve it?
This may be harsh, but in my opinion the current look and feel on OSX lacks refinement and only gets the native look halfway done. (I do understand UI nitpicking may not be a priority for both Komodo developers and users.)
I may switch to OSX full-time in the next few months, so I'm looking at other editors, since the cross-platform advantage of Komodo won't be a factor then (I currently use Komodo Edit 5 on both Ubuntu and OSX). And unless I fall in love with the competition, I'd love to look at theme building and try to achieve a great native look. (I think somebody did this for Win7.)
So: is the current OSX theme final? Should I wait for improvements before digging in?


I just wrote a follow-up article after a few more days experience with RC1.

"A few more days with Komodo IDE 6.0.0 RC1"

I'll throw some bugs into the database as you mentioned earlier, Trent.


Super work.

Still seeing a significant UI performance problem: dynamic resizing of side and bottom panes is very sluggish: 2~3 second lag, cpu goes to 100%.

No resize lag in version 5.2.

I'm running Ubuntu Jaunty. Dual core 64bit:

Linux 2.6.28-11-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP x86_64 GNU/Linux


@evan: Thanks! That resize slowness is only seen on Linux. Here is the bug for it:


I am using Komodo Edit, because IDE cannot show multiple projects open at sidebar tree.

Can 6.0 show multiple open projects and their files in Places, or it is still monoteistic in it's IDE incarnation? I do not want to close currently open project & its files, like IDE 5.x does, just to apply a quick fix to other project's file and commit it.

E.g. wanted to see all available files from multiple projects (like in Edit), but with full project-support (VCS, debugging), like in IDE. Is it possible in this version?


When will the final release be out for komodo edit? And I am not sure if it's a bug on the projects panel, but even if the project is already deleted but it seems that the KE6.0 does not remove it from the list is there anyway to remove project from the project list?


The final release will be out very very soon.

You should be able to right click on a project and select "Remove from Recent Projects" in the "Projects" subpanel of the Places sidebar. If not, then that change was after the RC1 build. Check out a nightly here: