ActiveState wants your BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS!
by Kendra Penrose

Kendra Penrose, October 28, 2010

ActiveState is hiring python komodo developersWell, sort of...ActiveState is hiring. So, if your brain fits either of these descriptions we want to hear from you:

Python Tech Lead

Komodo - Mozilla/Python Developer

If you've got mad skills and want to join a great team of people in beautiful Vancouver, BC, send in your resume. Both job opportunities are list in detail here.

(Happy Halloween! Hopefully if you do run into some real zombies you'll know what to do*)

*Although zombie fighting is often fun, it can be dangerous. Observe all standard safety rules when using guns and swords. The undead are no excuse for personal irresponsibility!

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Kendra Penrose is our Marketing and Communications Manager. When she isn't "marketing and communicating" she can be found hiking, doing yoga, listening to tunes, eating yummy food, and hanging out with family and friends. She originally hails from the non-profit sector but has found her home in IT.


1 comments for ActiveState wants your BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS!

LOL, saw this post from my Komodo Edit start page. Great Halloween/Job mash-up, thanks for my entertainment for the day Kendra =)