Happy Halloween: ActiveState CEO for the Day
by Sheila Rebellato

Sheila Rebellato, October 29, 2010

You may have noticed our blog post announcing some new positions opening up at ActiveState yesterday; hopefully this blog post won't put you off from applying!

Here at ActiveState, we like to have fun. At Halloween we have costume parties, cupcakes, contests and more. This year, however, we decided to prank CEO Bart Copeland.

We decided it would be fun to all dress like Bart--he often wears khakis and some shade of blue dress shirt. So why not all dress up as Bart for Halloween? Easy enough for most of us to find the clothes, and imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

Below: Bart (far right), realizing this year's "trick" rather than treat. "Why is everyone wearing blue today? Wait--are you making fun of me?"

ActiveState's Bart Copeland catching on the this year's Halloween "trick"

There was a pretty good turnout of "Bartlets" for the prank!

Below: The team of Bartlets

ActiveState CEOs

If that hasn't been too much to scare you off, we hope you'll come join us at ActiveState! We're a fun team to work with.

Happy Halloween from the whole team!

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Sheila Rebellato is our Marketing and Communications Manager, and her passion is communications within the high-tech field. With a background in software development, customer service, tech support and marketing, she's a well-rounded member of our sales and marketing team.


3 comments for Happy Halloween: ActiveState CEO for the Day

If you all had worn Khaki pants it would have been even better. Btw funny blog, also the job opening post *lol*... oh and I love Komodo!


Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode, where Bart probably has 20-30 of the same matching pants/shirt in his closet at home. Great, original prank!