Komodo: Better JavaScript call-tips using JSDoc
by Troy Topnik

Troy Topnik, December 30, 2010

We've got some screencasts coming out in the new year, but to tide you over till then, here's a short one Todd Whiteman made demonstrating how to use comments in your JavaScript to give Komodo richer call-tip information.

Komodo IDE - Better JavaScript calltips using JSDoc comments

Komodo has had the ability to parse JSDoc and PHPDoc-style comments for a while. A short how-to can be found in a Komodo discussion forum post on the subject.

The screencast also shows off Komodo's multi-language syntax highlighting. You'll notice that the HTML document being edited has a CSS section (the <style> block) with a light green background and a JavaScript section (the <script> block) in light blue. Within these sections, Komodo knows to provide the appropriate syntax highlighting (code coloring) and code intelligence. Those background colors, and all the language element colors, are configurable in the preferences and can be saved as Komodo color scheme files. Kolormodo has a number of these you can browse and download.

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1 comments for Komodo: Better JavaScript call-tips using JSDoc

How do you use JSDoc for properties of methods that are defined within an object such as:

Object.defineProperty(this, "RTC", {value: new Date("01/01/01"), writable: true});