New webinar: Looking ahead to Tcl 8.6
by Kendra Penrose

Kendra Penrose, December 28, 2010

ActiveState Tcl WebinarActiveTcl 8.5 has become the standard on which people build their Tcl applications, but Tcl 8.6 is just around the corner. Currently in beta, Tcl 8.6 is expected to have a final release in 2011.

  • What new tricks will 8.6 pull out of the hat?
  • Not sure if you're ready to make the switch?

Join us on January 26th when our resident Tcl expert Jeff Hobbs, Director of Engineering at ActiveState and long-time Tcl community leader and member of the Tcl Core Team, will provide an overview of the major features in Tcl 8.6, including Tk. Starting with a new core OO system, going through improvements to string and list handling, and capping it off with lots of extras, this webinar will cover the major changes in Tcl 8.6 and how to take advantage of them.

Webinar: Looking ahead to Tcl 8.6

Date:  Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Time: 10:00 - 11:00 AM PST

Save your seat now!

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