Upcoming Webinar: Developing & Deploying Cloud Applications with Python on Amazon EC2
by Kendra Penrose

Kendra Penrose, December 6, 2010

ActivePython AMI webinarSome of the challenges of getting started in cloud computing is starting with an empty instance, learning the Amazon cloud services API, making scalable architectural decisions, and building a complete web stack from scratch. The ActivePython Amazon EC2 AMI provides prebuilt Python-centric Amazon Machine Image (AMI) with a working web stack which is an excellent starting point for those just beginning to explore the Cloud. Learn more about the the ActivePython AMI in a webinar this coming Wednesday.

Date: Wednesday December 8, 2010

Time: 9:00am PST/ Noon EST

Space is limited, so register now!

Join Raymond Hettinger, a Python core developer, and Diane Mueller, Director of Enterprise Product Management at ActiveState, and learn:

  • What is the ActivePython AMI
  • Why choose Python for developing cloud applications
  • How to deploy applications with the security you need to ensure - privacy of your data
  • Discuss alternative databases including MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SqlLite and MS SQL
  • Tips on when to use Apache, and when to use alternate web servers like Gunicorn

If you want to get your applications up and running in the cloud faster, you don't want to miss this webinar!

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