Komodo 6.1 - Better Projects and Much More
by Troy Topnik

Troy Topnik, February 2, 2011

We released Komodo 6.1 today!

As per Eric's blog post of a few weeks ago, we've added a number of features that some of our Komodo 5 users couldn't do without. Most importantly, the ability to:

  • have multiple projects open simultaneously,
  • add arbitrary links to files and folders, and
  • organize these items into groups (previously called "virtual folders").

Komodo IDE - Project Enhancements in 6.1

Here's a quick screencast showing what these changes look like, and what you can now do with the Projects system that you couldn't do before.

These changes represent what we feel is a good compromise between the new simplified interface of Projects and Places, and the more complex project structures possible with the old system. If you've held off moving to the new version because of the project system changes, now is the time to give Komodo 6 another spin to see if you like it. If you're new to Komodo, by all means try it now.

We'll have another new screencast soon to show off the new Django features, like autocompletion for template tags and filters.

As always, we would love to hear what you think of the changes. The Komodo discussion forum is a great place to give us this feedback.

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As ActiveState's Technical Product Manager for Stackato, Troy Topnik is responsible for defining and prioritizing the product roadmap to build the best cloud platform for deploying applications. Since joining ActiveState in 2001, he has held roles in Technical Support, Training, and Technical Writing. He believes in documentation-driven development as a pragmatic path to a better user experience.


6 comments for Komodo 6.1 - Better Projects and Much More

At last this is what Komodo 6.0 should have had! It works great and lets you continue to work the way we did with Komodo 5 but with all the great new features of Komodo 6. Keep up the great work!


I did not think you could not make Komodo better but I was wrong. I have been using Komodo from beginning and I have not been disappointed in the product, I will continue to recommend it to friends and my leads. Thank you for making my programing life better.


There's a rather large issue with the recent projects list - which is even evident on the screencast.

Because the menu is limited to a certain width, and the file extension is so long - it's practically impossible to see which project is which in the menu!

In addition, when I installed 6.1 all of the projects in the projects list were bold - so I couldn't see which was the active one.

I like the thinking behind the changes for 6.1 (although i've gotten used to 6.0!), but I'm not convinced it's quite usable enough on OS X yet.


With Komodo IDE 6, the recent projects menu shows 5 projects, with the ability to see more using the "More" submenu. For me, 5 is not enough recent projects, and it would be nice is this value could be manually configured.


This is configurable.

Edit|Preferences...|Appearance|Most Recently Used|n Number of Projects


I really like Komodo...really I do... its usally my primary editor except for one thing Jython. Yea, I know iot does syntax highlighting but lots of editors do that.
but code completion would be nice... *heavy sigh* once again jython has been left out. :(