PostgreSQL on the ActivePython AMI
by Troy Topnik

Troy Topnik, March 30, 2011
Postgres and the ActivePython AMI

The ActivePython AMI comes with a demonstration Django app that runs with the MySQL database engine by default. Since a lot of people prefer PostgreSQL, we thought we'd demonstrate how to install the software and change the configuration.

So, we've written a new tutorial: Using PostgreSQL on the ActivePython AMI

We've also gathered the other AMI tutorials together on the ActiveState Docs site so that there can be a canonical location for this information.

SQLite too!

We also wanted to show how the ActivePython AMI Toolkit switches between "production" and "non-production" environments. You can run the demo site locally using the Django development server and SQLite, then push it into production on EC2 where it will use Apache and PostgreSQL (or MySQL, or Oracle, or ...). The tutorial shows how this is set up in the toolkit scripts, and how to change them.

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