Free Webinar: Continuing Evolution of Perl: Highlights of Perl 5.14
by Troy Topnik

Troy Topnik, June 23, 2011

Register today for a free webinar to learn more about the Continuing Evolution of Perl and Highlights of Perl 5.14!

Date: Wednesday, July 13
Time: 10:00 - 10:30 AM PST

Space is limited so register now!

Perl 5.14 is here as promised. What impact will it have on your development plans for new applications and on the code you're already running? Should you be upgrading now?

In this webinar for developers and system administrators, join me and Jan Dubois, Senior Perl Developer, to learn:

  • What's new in Perl 5.14
  • Community version support policies (Perl 5.14, 5.12, 5.10, 5.8)
  • Refactoring or maintaining existing code
  • The new web frameworks: Mojolicious and Dancer
  • Running Perl applications in the cloud

Whether you're thinking of upgrading to 5.14, or need to maintain older code, don't miss this webinar.

Space is limited so register now!

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