Favorite Twitter-based App on Stackato: Candidate Buzz
by Diane Mueller

Diane Mueller, July 18, 2011

Stackato cloud platform sample Ruby app on a PaaSSince Stackato’s launch in May, we've watched with interest as Stackato beta testers mixed and matched their favorite languages, web frameworks and databases to create new applications and migrate existing ones. We're hosting a few on to showcase the diversity of our cloud platform and the ease of deploying to the cloud with Stackato.

My favorite application so far is Candidate Buzz (, a Rails 3.0 application that tracks the twitter activity related to the candidates running for the US 2012 Presidential Election. 

Candidate Buzz was created by Eric Promislow & Tara Gibbs to test support for migrating historical data, scaling and to ensure Ruby on Rails was production ready. Stackato cloud platform sample Ruby app on a PaaS

The result is a web application that is buzz-worthy itself and lots of fun to play with  for political junkies. Especially if you are following the US presidential candidates as they blunder through the opening rounds of the campaign. As with all our sample apps, it's  open source so you can play with the code behind it as well and create your own buzz site on a topic near and dear to your heart. If you do, let us know!


We've tried to keep up with sample applications for all the combinations, but as it's all about choice and we keep adding new services  - it's inevitable that we'll miss one combination - so if you'd like to submit your application as a sample app or tutorial, drop me a line (and a link to github)!

If you'd like to join our Beta Program, fill out the form on and we'll send you an invite code!

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Diane Mueller is a Cloud Evangelist at ActiveState. She has been designing & implementing financial applications at Fortune 500 corporations for over 20 years. Diane has been actively involved in development efforts of XBRL Open Standard ( since 1999.