Whitepaper: Perl and Python in the Cloud
by Troy Topnik

Troy Topnik, July 29, 2011
Perl and Python in the Cloud

We have a new whitepaper for download: "Leverage the Cloud for your Python & Perl Applications".

It covers a number of points mentioned in our recent screencasts about cloud deployment and Stackato, but in more detail than we can manage in a slideshow.

But more than that, it deals with why we're talking about the cloud at all. The paper talks about some of the reasons business are moving to virtualized infrastructure, and explains why Perl and Python are a perfect fit for running applications in this environment.

Grab a copy, read it, and let us know what you think. We'll have another paper coming soon that deals more specifically with Stackato on vSphere and other private clouds.

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As ActiveState's Technical Product Manager for Stackato, Troy Topnik is responsible for defining and prioritizing the product roadmap to build the best cloud platform for deploying applications. Since joining ActiveState in 2001, he has held roles in Technical Support, Training, and Technical Writing. He believes in documentation-driven development as a pragmatic path to a better user experience.