YouTube Video: Lessons Learned at ActiveState building for the Cloud
by Diane Mueller

Diane Mueller, July 22, 2011

Just because it's in the cloud, doesn't mean development and deployment is effortless and many of us have stumbled. The cloud presents infrastructure and development challenges in a new way. Here at ActiveState, we've been leveraging the cloud in a variety of our product offerings the most recent of which is Stackato - our cloud platform for creating a private PaaS.

Along the way, we've developed some best practices and simple rules to live by when developing and deploying applications to the cloud.  What came out is what I like to call six best practices in building and deploying a Python-centric LAMP stack on the cloud.

Python in the Cloud

In this Youtube Video entitled, "Python in the Cloud: Lessons Learned at ActiveState", I've shared some of the lessons we learned in using Python in the cloud  on our way to creating Stackato - our cloud platform for creating a private PaaS.  This guidance can be used for a range of web-based applications from a simple Django site to HPC GPU clusters.

Based on our experiences, these are the things we learned:

  • Which Python packages are critical for a secure, Python-centric LAMP stack
  • Building in isolated environments
  • Creating portability between private and public clouds
  • Migrating existing applications to the cloud
  • How to create scalability of applications and users for cloud applications

Watch more in this presentation I just uploaded to YouTube. Then, to see the results of our lessons and the product we've created, check out the Beta of our Stackato - I'd love your feedback!

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Diane Mueller is a Cloud Evangelist at ActiveState. She has been designing & implementing financial applications at Fortune 500 corporations for over 20 years. Diane has been actively involved in development efforts of XBRL Open Standard ( since 1999.


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This looks very interesting and it seems that you are offering the support that we all need in order to do these things properly. Thank you for providing this video and for supporting us.


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