Cloud Foundry Names ActiveState its Community Lead for Python with Stackato
by Sheila Louis

Sheila Louis, August 25, 2011

ActiveState named Cloud Foundry Community Lead for PythonWe are both excited and honored to announce that our newest offering, Stackato, has been a catalyst in ActiveState being selected as Cloud Foundry's Community Lead for Python! The Community Lead Program extends Cloud Foundry's language support with trusted ecosystem partners like ActiveState.

Why we chose Cloud Foundry

Several months ago, we started a cloud platform product with our own proprietary code (with an Amazon Machine Image), and also looked at an open source infrastructure project. But when Cloud Foundry came out in April, our team decided to switch gears entirely and base Stackato on the Cloud Foundry open source project in order to leverage a true and comprehensive cloud platform.

Introduced as Developer Preview in May, and now in Beta, Stackato is currently available as a micro cloud for developer testing. Leveraging the Cloud Foundry project has enabled our development team to focus energy on hardening it for commercial use, and adding great features like integrating it with our desktop IDE (Komodo IDE) to push directly to the cloud, integrating it with VMware's vSphere, adding data migration tools, enhancing the security, and making it portable. Our end-to-end Stackato cloud platform extends and hardens Cloud Foundry, allowing enterprises to create a private PaaS behind internal firewalls.

What we're contributing back

Now, we are extending the Cloud Foundry open source project by contributing code back to the community: Python, Django, Pyramid, Bottle, Flask and other Python frameworks. We will also be providing ongoing support and updates to VMware and the community.

Why Cloud Foundry chose us

We have extensive experience providing Python tools and solutions to enterprise customers, and Stackato was built specifically with Python in mind. We have years of experience working with the Python, Perl and Tcl open source communities, and have built ActiveState on our contributions to (and within) these communities.

Stackato: Enterprise-Ready

Stackato now also has integration with VMware's cloud infrastructure—running on vSphere and managing and monitoring with vCenter. We are working hard to provide value to enterprise users who want the benefits of the cloud and a PaaS, but need it in a private environment. With Stackato we offer developers the freedom of choice, while allowing IT departments to offer the PaaS on their terms and leverage their existing VMware infrastructure and investments.

For more details on Stackato on vSphere, check out Diane Mueller's blog post on this.

Check out Stackato!

For those of you using Stackato for Perl and other languages, we are commited to continually enhancing Stackato for you as well, but will not be contributing the Perl code back to Cloud Foundry at this time.

Haven't tried Stackato yet? Get your own private PaaS! Sign up for the Stackato beta to download a micro cloud, and let us know what you think!

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2 comments for Cloud Foundry Names ActiveState its Community Lead for Python with Stackato

Great news! Do you think you will be making a similar contribution with all the work to support Perl in Stackato?


So who is the community lead for Perl at Cloud Foundry?