Ingy's Back! Plus YAPC::EU 2011 Highlights
by Ingy döt Net

Ingy döt Net, August 24, 2011

YAPC::EU ActiveState SponsorI had the absolute pleasure of attending YAPC::Europe in Riga, Latvia last week.

O HAI, BTW! I'm Ingy döt Net, ActiveState's latest recruit for the Stackato project. I also am a long time Perl hacker (this was my 15th or so YAPC; I lost count) and former ActiveState employee from 2000-2001. I'm glad to be back at ActiveState, but where were we. Oh right, YAPC...

In 2011 the Perl world is more than alive—it's really hitting its prime. (Get it? 2011? Nerd alert!) But seriously there is a lot of excitement in both the Perl 5 and Perl 6 spaces. Perl is one strong community with two great languages: one modern, and one postmodern. Larry Wall gave a great keynote about Perl 6 and postmodern programming. Jesse Vincent gave an even better talk about Perl 5 having a completely consistent release process, and how this has allowed him to be the first Perl Pumpking to have a longterm vision for Perl. The short skinny is that Perl may become a lightweight embeddable language while still being backwards compatible on demand.

As for me, I was able to give three well attended and well received presentations, and one lightning talk:

Acmeism is my personal software mission: only do stuff that supports many languages at once. I began my Stackato talk by stating that I am an Activist, an Acmeist and an Activator. This means I am active in Open Software, I work on many languages at once and I do work for ActiveState. Working at ActiveState 10 years ago had a huge influence on how I think about software today. I saw back then that there are many exciting languages, and great people who do work in them.

My talk about Stackato went well; people had good questions and seemed interested. (Stackato is ActiveState's cloud platform for creating a private Platform-as-a-Service). I didn't have all the answers since I just got involved last month, but I was excited to learn more. I've come back to ActiveState specifically because of Stackato. I personally think that Cloud Computing has good parts, but that it is primarily implemented in a fashion that centralizes the Internet. The Internet was built on the concepts of decentralization and it gains so much from that. Stackato offers all the ease of use platform goodness, while letting people put the infrastructure wherever it makes the most sense. If you want to check out Stackato for yourself, request access to the Stackato beta.

It's a bonus that the folks at ActiveState are people I've known and loved for years. :-)

I'll be touring around several events (both in Europe and North America) over the next few months. If you want to get together and chat, leave a comment below and I'll be in touch.

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Ingy is a hacker who started programming in Assembler on punchcards, switched over to Perl and has since become enlightened to the goodness of all the OSDC languages (Perl, Python, Ruby, JavsScript) and the people who hack, support and evangelize them. He is one of the creators of YAML, a major CPAN contributor, the father of Acmeism and is drinking a double Americano as you read this. Ingy is a citizen of the Earth who sometimes relaxes in Seattle but more often is headed to a computer conference near you. He loves to make things DRY.


1 comments for Ingy's Back! Plus YAPC::EU 2011 Highlights

I see that Activestate ( '... built a Cloud Foundry-based PaaS called Stackato to serve its enterprise customers, is heading up the Python community. Stackato supports Python as well as Django and ActiveState is contributing the code related to its experience building Stackato to the Cloud Foundry project.' From that you might incorrectly guess that Stackato was just for Python.

Hopefully ActiveState will be contributing back the work they did to get Perl and PostgreSQL working on the Cloud Foundry base, not just Python, so that we can have Perl supported in Cloud Foundry.