We're Giving Away a Kindle! Enter our Stackato Sample App Contest to Win
by Diane Mueller

Diane Mueller, August 3, 2011

Win yourself an Amazon Kindle and major bragging rights!

Does your Open Source App rock? Would it be a example of elegant design and simplicity of execution that uses any of the languages, data services, and web frameworks available to you on Stackato? If so, enter your app in our contest, win a Amazon Kindle and earn yourself some bragging rights when we post your app as one of our sample Stackato applications!

We're looking for a few good sample Open Source apps that really demonstrate the power of the Stackato Cloud Platform and the diversity of technology stacks available on Stackato. Share your Stackato-built sample app with the world and get a chance to win an Amazon Kindle.

Here's how to enter the Stackato Sample App Contest:

You do what you do best (code), and we'll take care of the rest (configuration, deployment) with Stackato!

Follow these steps:

1.       Download Stackato VM.

2.       Build your sample app in Python, Ruby, Perl, Node.js, or Java.

3.       Deploy & debug your sample app on your Stackato VM.

4.       Put your code on GitHub or BitBucket in a public repository.

5.       dianem [at] activestate [dot] com (subject: Stackato%20sample%20app%20contest) (Send me the link).


Now for the rules:

  • All entries must be open-source. This allows non-paid usage of GitHub or BitBucket and helps us review code quality.
  • Make sure that you include Readme docs and that your application is a fully functional sample project.
  • Submit by August 19, 2011.

To give you an example of an app, we're hosting a few sample apps on to showcase the diversity of our cloud application platform and the ease of deploying to the cloud with Stackato. My favorite app so far is Candidate Buzz, a Rails 3.0 application that tracks the Twitter activity of the US Presidential Election candidates.

I know there's talent in our community, so don’t delay – get started now!

If you don't have access to Stackato, go here to get into the Beta program:

Looking forward to seeing some cool apps!

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Diane Mueller is a Cloud Evangelist at ActiveState. She has been designing & implementing financial applications at Fortune 500 corporations for over 20 years. Diane has been actively involved in development efforts of XBRL Open Standard ( since 1999.


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That's a great opportunity. Waiting for the invite :)

Haven't tried the service yet, but I hope it is possible to deploy a real-time applications.