Activators Share Multi-Cultural Lunch
by Angie Hirata

Angie Hirata, September 2, 2011

Here at ActiveState, we have a pretty diverse, multi-cultural group of staff. Whether born in Canada, the US, or abroad, we have many nationalities represented on our team. Part of what makes collaboration and conversations so interesting!

So today, a few of us got together for an international potluck lunch, where we shared dishes from our country of origin. Here are some of the delectable dishes that we shared (clockwise from bottom left in the picture):


  • Traditional "mash" from Eastern Canada/Scotland
  • "Philipino" sushi... not really Philipino, but one of our staff, who will remain nameless, got a little too busy to cook and picked up a tray of sushi instead
  • Chinese potstickers
  • Japanese curry
  • Indian sweets
  • German sausage and potato salad
  • Jewish Knish
  • Irish stew
  • Chinese spring rolls

And some Activators digging in!


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Angie Hirata is our VP, Sales & Marketing. Before joining ActiveState, Angie worked at several start-ups and large organizations including Maximizer Software, JustSystems, Eyeball Networks, Seagate Software, and SEI Industries. She holds a B.Comm from the University of British Columbia and a leadership certificate from the New York University School of Business.