NCM looks to Stackato PaaS for Operations, Scalability
by Angie Hirata

Angie Hirata, October 19, 2011

NCM works with PaaS StackatoAt the German Perl Workshop this week in Frankfurt, Denis Banovic of NCM is presenting his real-life experience with Perl in the Cloud. The focus of his talk is going to be about Stackato as a Perl PaaS, how he tested it, including a demonstration.

If you're not at the event this week, here's some info on NMC's experience. As a company that develops websites and software as a service (SaaS) applications for customers in the hotel and tourism industry, they were looking for a simpler way to manage application infrastructure and test Stackato.

Denis Banovic, chief technology officer at NCM, said:

“We prefer to focus on our strengths in software development. But as more of our work moves to the cloud, we were finding that developers were spending too much time setting up application environments without really having the expertise to do so for deploying, managing, and hosting applications in the cloud. We needed something that would enable us to continue our focus in our core competencies in development, and not spend so much time on operations."

NCM had already been using VMware’s vSphere for all of its virtualization infrastructure, so it liked the fact that Stackato extends Cloud Foundry to works with VMware cloud infrastructure. But he also liked the fact that Stackato doesn't lock him into one service provider... as they may choose to host applications on their own VMware infrastructure, and move it later to a private cloud hosting provider.

Denis and team tested Stackato as a private PaaS (with the micro cloud and EC2 sandbox test environment) with one of its many web applications.

"To host (the web application), we needed to ensure all the required middleware components are configured properly, and this is where Stackato comes into play. It was perfect for this application as Stackato automatically recognizes the resources required and manages all the dependencies an application needs."

To read more about Denis and NCM's experience with Stackato, read more here.

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