What Do You Know About Private PaaS: September Quick Poll Results
by Michael Kanasoot

Michael Kanasoot, October 6, 2011

Private PaaS Poll Results

In our September newsletter, we asked a few short questions to find out what our readers knew about PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and whether they plan to implement it in their companies.

Participants were entered in a random draw to win a Komodo IDE license. Our lucky winner was Jeff Orr - Congratulations, Jeff!

If you missed your chance, you can win an even bigger prize in our October issue: Read more to enter the "Life's a Beach $1000 Contest". The October issue is all about PaaS for those of you who wanted to know but were afraid to ask!

Read our October newsletter.

Here are the results from September's quick poll:

1. What is a PaaS?

What is a PaaS


2. What are the benefits of a private PaaS?

Benefits of Private PaaS?


3. Is your company considering deploying to the cloud?

Deploy to Cloud?











4. (For those who answered "Yes" to Question 3): Does your company have a need for private PaaS?

Need Private PaaS?











5. (For those who answered "Yes" to Question 3): Have you tried, or do you plan to try, Stackato?

Tried Stackato?











The PaaS model is still new, so it's not surprising that many companies have not yet developed plans to adopt it. In fact, we've heard from many people who do not fully understand what a private PaaS is, but would like to find out.

That's why our October newsletter is exclusively about PaaS. We answer questions such as "What is a PaaS?" and "Why would I choose one?", and offer 3 upcoming webinars on the topic, as well as the chance to win a $1,000 trip to celebrate the launch of Stackato Sandbox.

Read our October newsletter.

Speaking of winners, every three months we also draw one lucky downloader of ActivePerl, ActivePython or ActiveTcl Community Edition to win a Kindle. September's winner was Richard Bergholdt. Congrats, Richard! We'll be in touch.

Thanks to all those that participated in our quick poll. If you have ideas for future quick polls, feel free to leave us a comment.

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