Why a Private PaaS: from a Custom Software Firm's Perspective
by Angie Hirata

Angie Hirata, October 14, 2011

PaaS deploy in 10 minJust because something is "in the cloud" doesn’t mean development and deployment to the cloud is effortless.

Just ask W&K Systems, a New Jersey-based software consulting company providing custom applications in the healthcare sector. For them, moving to a private hosted cloud might have meant hours of compiling, configuring, and preparing servers. But with the move to modernization and a private cloud, they were also looking to avoid doing things the “old fashioned way” - which can cause migration and deployment challenges.

So to cut down on complex configuration of application middleware, so that their developers could focus on coding, W&K Systems began testing Stackato as a private PaaS platform. With automatic configuration of dependencies an application requires, they recognized that this could be a big time saver in deploying and migrating applications to a private cloud.

The result so far?

Hanning Musinguzi, founder of W&K Systems, said: "Stackato took all the pain and guesswork out of deployment because it automatically bundles and deploys everything seamlessly. I was pleasantly surprised at having an application up and running in 10 minutes!”

Read more about W&K's experience with Stackato here.

Interested in reducing deployment time from weeks to minutes? Test Stackato micro cloud (VM) or in the sandbox for yourself!

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Angie Hirata is our VP, Sales & Marketing. Before joining ActiveState, Angie worked at several start-ups and large organizations including Maximizer Software, JustSystems, Eyeball Networks, Seagate Software, and SEI Industries. She holds a B.Comm from the University of British Columbia and a leadership certificate from the New York University School of Business.