Cloud Expo: Talkin' Private PaaS
by Angie Hirata

Angie Hirata, November 4, 2011

Cloud ExpoNext week, several of us from ActiveState are hitting up Cloud Expo in Santa Clara! Private PaaS is still a new space, so we're excited to be giving several talks on this topic to help people understand the benefits and capabilities of a private PaaS. If you're going to be there, come check out our sessions and visit our booth (#415).

Here are the talks we'll be giving:

Why Private PaaS is Not an Oxymoron
Bart Copeland (CEO): Monday 11/07 at 2:40pm

When you hear of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) what typically comes to mind are names like Heroku, EngineYard, DotCloud, and -- hosted Public PaaS providers. But there is an emerging trend where enterprises require PaaS capabilities, but are demanding it on their own terms. They want a PaaS behind their firewall to enable a secure cloud – a private PaaS. This session will cover:

  • The drivers for Private PaaS
  • How a Private PaaS differs from a Public PaaS
  • What to consider when implementing and deploying a Private PaaS
  • Case studies of enterprises using a private PaaS

Building a Checklist for Migrating to a Private Cloud
Diane Mueller (Director, Product Management) with Nate Isley from New Relic: Monday 11/07 at 4:55pm

Your research tells you that a private cloud is the best option for you. Now what? What are the practical next steps for moving forward with your cloud initiative? A migration checklist can help you put your initiative into focus by helping you answer some basic questions such as:

  • What are your goals for migrating to The Cloud?
  • How do you prioritize apps to deploy: new projects or legacy?
  • How will you migrate applications and move or integrate data to new cloud infrastructure?
  • How will you ensure your apps are delivering great service through the migration?

Join Diane Mueller and Nate Isley as they discuss the key considerations for migrating to a private cloud. Attendees will learn how building a checklist can help them with a more successful private cloud implementation.

CTO Power Panel: Has Cloud Computing Changed IT for the Better?
Featuring ActiveState's Jeff Hobbs along with Sheng Liang (Citrix), Rick Nucci (Dell Boomi), Rich Wolski (Eucalyptus) and more
Tuesday 11/08 at 12:45pm

This fast-moving industry discussion panel, moderated by Cloud Expo Conference Chair Jeremy Geelan, will liven up your lunch-hour by answering such questions as:

  • How fast will the last remaining barriers to enterprise-wide cloud adoption melt away?
  • Are truly secure public clouds feasible, for example, or only private ones?
  • How exactly does a company or organization go about deciding whether to migrate only specific applications to the cloud - such as storage or security - or their overall IT infrastructure?
  • How much of an influence on cloud adoption is the US Government's continuing support of Cloud strategies for all government agencies?
  • How specifically do the panelists' own company offering/s assist CIOs and organizations/companies?
  • Will anything ever satisfy the thirst for security, compliance, and SLA assurances at the enterprise level of Cloud computing?
  • Do you agree with those analysts who say that 2012/13 will be The Year of the Cloud Database? If not, then what will it be the year of?

US Patriot Act: Making the Case for Enterprise Private Cloud
Diane Mueller (Director, Product Management): Wed. 11/10 at 2:25pm

Is the US Patriot Act causing you to hesitate on leveraging the cloud in your enterprise? Do you want to leverage the power of cloud computing but unsure what the security and privacy implications are for sensitive corporate data? Corporations are thinking long and hard about the legal and regulatory implications of cloud computing. When it comes to actual corporate data, no matter what the efficiency gains are, legal departments are often directing IT departments to steer clear of any service that eliminates their ability to keep potential sensitive information out of the hands of Federal prosecutors. Despite all the hype about every application moving into the cloud, some practical patterns are starting to emerge in the types of data corporations are willing to move to the cloud. Learn how to create a secure, compliant, private platform and cloud for developing, distributing and managing enterprise applications. In this session, we will discuss:

  • Implications of the US Patriot Act on cloud computing
  • What types of applications should stay private
  • Classes of applications that best leverage the cloud
  • Moving to a private cloud model
  • How to deploy an enterprise private PaaS

Cloud Foundry Open Source PaaS and Stackato Private PaaS (Bootcamp/Lab Session)
Patrick Chanezon (Cloud Foundry) and Troy Topnik: Wed. 11/10 at 5:35pm

Bring your laptops to this hands-on session to learn more about Cloud Foundry and Stackato and try out the micro cloud and/or sandbox!


Will the Real Cloud Please Stand Up: PaaS steps up to deliver on the promises of cloud
Featuring Diane Mueller (Director, Product Management) along with James Watters (Cloud Foundry), Isaac Roth (RedHat), hosted by Armada Group
Wed. 11/10 at 5:30pm

Join us for food, drinks and prizes at the Tusca Courtyard at the Hyatt Hotel Santa Clara


Hope to see you at Cloud Expo! If you can't make it, stay tuned as many of these sessions will be recorded so we'll share links to them shortly after the event.


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