Thanksgiving Weekend Sale! Save $50 or More on Komodo IDE, Perl and Tcl Dev Tools
by Michael Kanasoot

Michael Kanasoot, November 22, 2011

Dev Tools Sale - Komodo IDE, PDK, TDK, Pro Studio

Like most people, we here at ActiveState like to loosen our belts around the holidays. This year, with our Sales Director away, we've decided to let loose with a good old-fashioned Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Cyber Whatever dev tools sale!

From Thursday through Monday (Nov. 24 - 28):

Plus, if you buy Komodo IDE with Upgrades and Support, you'll get access to our support team and  Komodo IDE 7 on release.

So, have a productive long weekend or gear up for the week ahead with the professional IDE for Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Tcl, Java and more, and the essential toolkits for Perl and Tcl.

Visit our store and save.

Happy long weekend!

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Michael Kanasoot is a Product Marketing Manager and caffeine enthusiast at ActiveState. He manages product messaging and marketing campaigns for various products including Stackato and Komodo IDE. Prior to joining ActiveState, Michael specialized in marketing mobile security and IT asset management solutions. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia.