Stackato 0.6.0: Admin Dashboard, New Relic and More
by Troy Topnik

Troy Topnik, November 8, 2011
Stackato 0.6.0 VM

Just in time for Cloud Computing Expo, we've released version 0.6.0 of the Stackato micro cloud. While we were at it, we updated the Stackato sandbox so you could try out some of the new features there too.

Here's a quick look at what's new and interesting:

New Relic

As I mentioned in a post last week, Stackato users will be able to take full advantage of New Relic's excellent application monitoring service. You can create your New Relic Standard account (with a two week "Pro" trial) from the Stackato Beta page, then follow the documentation for setting up the agent and using your API key. Once you push your application to Stackato, the application monitoring data will start appearing in your New Relic dashboard within minutes.

Stackato Admin Dashboard

There's a new dashboard interface (enabled with 'stackato-admin start dashboard') to give the Stackato administrator an overview of what users are up to on the system. Events like application deployments, stops, restarts, and scaling actions are shown, and you can monitor which applications are running and which accounts are running them.

Open Beta!

When we first started showing Stackato to people back in May during the developer preview, access to Stackato was restricted to a small group of people we worked quite closely with. Over time, we expanded this group and added the developer sandbox for those that didn't want to download the Stackato VM just to try it out. Now, we really want to open the floodgates and see as many people as possible try out the system and give us feedback.

Getting started with Stackato is much easier now. Just go to the Stackato Beta page and sign-up. No surveys, no waiting.

Cloud Foundry and STS Compatibility

Though there are a number of differences between Stackato and Cloud Foundry, we've kept basic API compatibility. We've been testing this compatibility recently and found that the vmc client and SprincSource Tool Suite (STS) works just as well with Stackato as they do with Cloud Foundry.

If you're already using Eclipse or STS for your Java applications, you can keep using these tools with Stackato.

Visit us at the Cloud Computing Expo

If you're attending the Cloud Computing Expo in Santa Clara this week, come visit us at booth #415 in the exhibitor hall. I'll be giving demos and talking about Stackato at the booth for most of the conference and co-presenting a lab on Cloud Foundry and Stackato on Wednesday at 5:30 with Patrick Chanezon from VMware.

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