Screencast: Stackato on HP Cloud Services
by Troy Topnik

Troy Topnik, January 11, 2012

Stackato PaaS on HP Cloud Services

We had the opportunity to take HP Cloud Services (currently Beta) for a spin and get a Stackato cluster running there.

We were happy to take advantage of the computing horsepower HP made available to us to put Stackato through it's paces and to try out a build running on Ubuntu 11.04, and we're equally happy to report that it worked just as well as it did on EC2 and our internal VSphere testing cluster.

The video shows me deploying Wordpress, as I did the recent Komodo video, but also talks a bit about how we got Bugzilla running in the cloud.

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As ActiveState's Technical Product Manager for Stackato, Troy Topnik is responsible for defining and prioritizing the product roadmap to build the best cloud platform for deploying applications. Since joining ActiveState in 2001, he has held roles in Technical Support, Training, and Technical Writing. He believes in documentation-driven development as a pragmatic path to a better user experience.