Whitepaper: USA Patriot Act and Data Privacy Concerns for the Cloud
by Sheila Louis

Sheila Louis, February 16, 2012

Whitepaper: US Patriot Act and Cloud Privacy ConcernsYour organization might be considering a move to the cloud. But before you make that leap, consider the implications that regulatory legislation like the US Patriot Act could have on the security of your private data.

In this new whitepaper, USA Patriot Act and Data Privacy Concerns for the Cloud, we explore some of the concerns that today's enterprises are faced with when contemplating data in the cloud.

Corporations are thinking long and hard about the legal and regulatory implications of cloud computing. When it comes to actual corporate data--no matter what the efficiency gains are--legal departments are often directing IT departments to steer clear of any service that eliminates their ability to keep potential sensitive information out of the hands of federal prosecutors. Organizations with any information that they want to keep private--or need to keep private for other regulatory considerations, are looking looking to private PaaS as a way to keep that data private. From employee HR records to healthcare organizations and financial/banking organizations, knowing who accesses your data and when is of the utmost priority.

Despite all the hype about every application moving into the cloud, some practical patterns are starting to emerge in the types of data corporations are willing to move to the cloud. Learn how to create a secure, compliant, private platform and cloud for developing, distributing and managing enterprise applications.

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Sheila Louis is Director of Marketing, Developer Tools at ActiveState Software. Her passion is communications within the high-tech field, and her background is in software development, customer service, tech support and marketing.


1 comments for Whitepaper: USA Patriot Act and Data Privacy Concerns for the Cloud

Interesting post. I know many people are concerned about their privacy. Myself included. These are some very good points that we all must consider in order to make the right decisions as to moving toward cloud computing or not.


There is always going to be some questions for the games as to how regulations will allow, or if they will allow for governmental officials being able to access file in the cloud.