The Cloud Opens Up -- Citrix Takes CloudStack to Apache
by Toph Whitmore

Toph Whitmore, April 3, 2012

Today, Citrix announced that its CloudStack solution will join the Apache Software Foundation, becoming the first Apache cloud platform project. CloudStack now leaves the confines of its private nest for the broader Apache community. This is positive news for the future of cloud computing, and will foster innovation in both enterprise-grade and open source development.

With this move, Citrix has elevated CloudStack's "open-sourciness," but hasn't changed CloudStack's fundamental operating model: Citrix will continue to offer a commercial CloudStack infrastructure solution, but it will now be built upon a much-more-widely supported open-source framework. The Apache relationship gives CloudStack instant newfound clout with developers, and promises new potential for customers of all shapes and sizes developing cloud services.

At ActiveState, we've long recognized the power of open source to drive innovation within the enterprise. Stackato, the application platform for creating a private PaaS, is based on the open-source Cloud Foundry framework. Stackato already provides full support for the CloudStack infrastructure platform, and today's announcement represents a validation—of open source, of CloudStack, and of Stackato's enterprise-ready model. The CloudStack/Apache marriage offers great opportunities for a broader community of developers and partners to build commercial-grade extensions upon CloudStack. And that can deliver on the promise of enterprise cloud success.

"CloudStack's evolution means greater visibility, flexibility, innovation, and opportunity," says ActiveState CEO Bart Copeland. "It provides greater visibility for both CloudStack and ActiveState's Stackato, more choices for customers, and opportunities for development innovation. I look forward to seeing the exciting ways CloudStack will be extended in the future."

"Stackato's private-PaaS middleware solution complements CloudStack," notes Sheng Liang, CTO of the Citrix Cloud Platforms Group. "And with its open-source heritage, ActiveState bridges two leading open cloud communities—open source Cloudstack at an infrastructure layer, and the open source Cloud Foundry at the PaaS layer."

Since its introduction in 2011, ActiveState's Stackato has supported Citrix Xen and XenServer infrastructure, and by extension, CloudStack. Being part of the market-leading Apache development community will raise CloudStack's visibility, and can only help drive cloud-computing adoption. When Stackato is paired with CloudStack, enterprise customers can deploy an open source-based private cloud with the assurance of enterprise technical support from both Citrix and ActiveState, and the full collaborative support of the Apache open source community. And that's an enterprise model that benefits from the best of both the open source and commercial development worlds.

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