Stackato Demo: Management Console and App Store
by Troy Topnik

Troy Topnik, April 12, 2012

Stackato Overview: Micro Cloud, Management Console, and App Store

It's getting harder and harder to give short Stackato demos. We've been adding so many cool features that it's hard to cover everything. With the release of 1.0.6, we needed an updated demo screencast to show off the Management Console and the App Store, but that leaves less time for explaining the core workflow.

So, with this demo I gloss over some things that are covered in previous screencasts. To get the full picture, feel free to supplement the information in the new screencast with some of the previous material:

  • Stackato Demo - Micro Cloud to Private PaaS: This is the first screencast we made for a beta version of Stackato. It goes into a lot more detail on the initial setup of the VM and the client, so if you get stuck setting up your own Stackato micro cloud, have a look at this one.
  • Komodo IDE and Stackato: Yes, there's integration with Komodo too! This video shows how to push applications from Komodo IDE and use its Database Explorer to view and modify the automatically provisioned database services.
  • Stackato on HP Cloud Services: Though this demo was made to show Stackato running on HPCS, it also deals with a very important part of Stackato's security model - the use Linux containers (LXC) for isolating the hosted applications. This allows Stackato to offer SSH access into the user's application containers for running remote commands.

You may get sick of hearing me say "Hi, my name is Troy Topnik" but hopfully there's enough information here to get you started setting up your own Stackato VM, or taking it for a spin in our developer sandbox. There's are active forums on the Community site if you run into any difficulties and the #stackato IRC channel on freenode. Come join the discussion.

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