Cloudy in Colorado: A GlueCon 2012 Wrap-Up
by Diane Mueller

Diane Mueller, May 30, 2012

Picture this: A crowd of 450 developers pack a ballroom at the Omni Interlocken Resort in Broomfield, Colorado. The lights dim, the drum rolls, and video plays out a techno-beat as Eric Norlin (@gluecon), conference chair, organizer, and cat-herder extraordinaire kicks off the third annual Glue Conference. Immediately, the crowds start tweeting out #gluecon 144-character quotes and quips. For the next two days, presentations continue non-stop—No breaks between sessions lest a minute be wasted.

 “@troytop demoing Stackato to Nate of @baazarvoice #WhySoSerious #gluecon @activestate”







{ @troytop demoing Stackato to Nate of @baazarvoice #WhySoSerious #gluecon @activestate }

This year’s Gluecon did not disappoint. I arrived in time for the coinciding CloudCamp and got the chance to give a lightning talk on “PaaS and Portablity.” I also participated in an “UnPanel” with Adrian Cockcroft (Netflix), Tobias Kunze (RedHat), Alex Heneveld (CloudSoft), and a few others who were roped in at the last minute by Larry Carvalho (robustcloud). It was a great evening of connecting the dots on all things cloudy.

Gluecon itself was off and running the next morning with two great keynote speeches from Christofer Hoff (@beaker) expounding on “Sh*t my Cloud Evangelist Says.” Needless to say, it was a presentation I could NOT afford to miss and had me ROTFLOL. Redmonk’s James Governor (@monkchips) followed with a dose of evolutionary historical analysis and insights, then we were off to the races with sessions that ran non-stop save for a few minor re-fueling breaks.@beaker makes a point at #gluecon







{@beaker makes a point at #gluecon}
Another highlight presentation was one by Ray O’Brien, NASA CTO of IT (@nasaCTO), who gave an interesting perspective on driving the evolution of Nebula and OpenStack at NASA. But most of the meat of the conference was found in the workshops. Chris Richardson and Dave McCrory gave a great session on “Developing Polyglot Applications on Cloud Foundry,” a topic near and dear to our hearts here at ActiveState, since Stackato is built on Cloud Foundry.

#gluecon @troytop with Greg of @activenetwork #paas







{#gluecon @troytop with Greg of @activenetwork #paas}

But the neatest thing about Gluecon was making connections – whether we were partnering with the good folks from Eucalyptus to hack on Stackato deployment scripts, debating DevOps vs. NoOps for the millionth time, talking about how to make big enterprises run like a start-up, or just hanging out watching the thunderstorms roll in – the electricity was definitely in the air at Gluecon. I for one am already looking forward to next year’s event.


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Diane Mueller is a Cloud Evangelist at ActiveState. She has been designing & implementing financial applications at Fortune 500 corporations for over 20 years. Diane has been actively involved in development efforts of XBRL Open Standard ( since 1999.