Michael Skok Presentation Highlights North Bridge Cloud Computing Leadership Dinner
by Bart Copeland

Bart Copeland, June 27, 2012

“PaaS Pops,” says VC industry leader

Last week, on the eve of GigaOM Structure 2012, I attended an outstanding event put on by North Bridge Growth Equity Venture Partners – the North Bridge Cloud Computing Leadership Dinner.

What made this event outstanding?

1) Networking & Collaboration: I met with many familiar faces and a few new faces as well. Further, North Bridge hosts this event in the spirit of collaborating with the cloud computing industry so that stakeholders can learn from each other. And the approach works.

2) Michael Skok: Skok, a North Bridge partner, did an excellent job of presenting the results of what I felt was a very good survey on the trends and perceptions of Cloud Computing. (See his slides here.) His slide deck was packed with interesting data (top two cloud drivers? Scalability and business agility) from 785 participants (35% customers, 65% vendors). But Skok’s delivery of the slides made the presentation all the more awesome.

3) SaaS rules, but PaaS pops: One key learning from Skok’s presentation was that "PaaS pops.” Specifically, the North Bridge survey illustrates that PaaS is growing in importance. According to the survey results, market interest in private and hybrid PaaS is increasing, realizing (and validating) an outcome ActiveState anticipated two years ago when we started building Stackato.

Thanks to the folks at North Bridge for a great evening.

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