Appsecute: Managing Stackato on Multiple Clouds
by Diane Mueller

Diane Mueller, July 30, 2012

Appsecute and Stackato It’s a multi-cloud world out there, and it can be very painful to manage multiple Platform as a Service (PaaS) clusters some days. Let me explain my pain, and see if your organization can relate.

Feel My Pain

As Cloud Evangelist at ActiveState, I have an enterprise problem on a personal scale: managing and administering multiple purpose-specific PaaS clusters on multiple clouds.

On any given day, I have multiple private and public clouds on which I can be asked to give a demo or pontificate about. I’m constantly launching apps to Stackato running on one cloud (say HPCS running their version of OpenStack), then showing off moving it to another Private Cloud (perhaps running CloudStack), and back again to the Stackato Sandbox running on EC2. I love to show off cloud application portability and how Stackato enables updates, versioning and scaling with ease.

I demo how-to use Stackato as a back-end service host for enterprise mobile apps, using FeedHenry’s PhoneGap-based solution. I also have a cool node.js file browsing applications that I use to show the security differences between the many Cloud Foundry-based public PaaS implementations (e.g.,, and AppFog).

Expensive Lesson Learned

With all these demos on multiple clouds, private and public; some of them running Stackato, some of them running other variations of Cloud Foundry-based PaaS, I often forget to clean up after myself and leave an app or two running on a cloud. This can add up to a pretty expensive mistake, like the time I left a AWS demo cluster of Stackato running for a week on EC2 on my own dime (ouch)!

Solution: Appsecute’s Cloud Management Portal

Appsecute is a cloud management portal that lets you monitor and maintain applications and services across any Cloud Foundry-based PaaS clouds with a single sign-on and management portal. Appsecute works great with both public and private clouds. This is becoming more important as the use of an application-centric PaaS layer becomes more prevalent on private clouds. Public clouds are still being used for bursting on-demand, or testing the waters.

A few of my many PaaS clusters
A few of my many PaaS clusters

With a quick click on the Applications navigation button, I can see all the apps I have running on any of my PaaS clusters...

All my apps on multiple clouds
A single view of all my apps on multiple clouds

...and scale, start, stop, or delete any of them

Start, Stop, and Scale
Start, Stop and Scale

There’s lot of other cool features like being able to “bundle” related applications & services together.

Bundles of app joy!
Bundles of app joy!

These guys have made managing my diaspora of demo PaaS clusters on multiple Clouds infinitely easier, and they keep adding new features on a regular basis. They’ve even have some basic application monitoring built in. You can read about all the features on the Appsecute Blog, and take a test drive by signing up for their service, currently in public beta.

Now with Appsecute, I can can keep an eye on all my demo clusters and ensure that I don't repeat the same expensive mistake on AWS!

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Diane Mueller is a Cloud Evangelist at ActiveState. She has been designing & implementing financial applications at Fortune 500 corporations for over 20 years. Diane has been actively involved in development efforts of XBRL Open Standard ( since 1999.