Video: Brent Demonstrates Gravatars, Cluster Management, and more in Stackato 2.0!
by Brent Smithurst

Brent Smithurst, July 16, 2012

Stackato 2.0 Overview

An Overview Of The Exciting New Features In Stackato 2.0.

Stackato 2.0 has a ton of new features and capabilities boosting its functionality and performance. Things like an Ubuntu Server Upgrade and Memcached support are "under the hood" and difficult to demo while others have been covered in previous blog posts (I'm looking at you, .NET), on the Stackato Features page, or in the press.

This morning, I put together this video demo for all the other new features, including web console improvements, improved cluster management, and the new Stackato Configuration Report. If you have three minutes to spare, check it out!

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