Why I joined ActiveState
by John Wetherill

John Wetherill, September 20, 2012

During my software development career I've been fortunate to work with dozens of bleeding edge, innovative, and very cool technologies. And as much as I enjoy the end results of software creation, I always find myself gravitating toward the development process itself. I have a keen interest in the tools, processes, languages, frameworks, and systems that improve developer productivity and overall software success. I love elegance, simplicity, and automation, and I'm always on the lookout for developer tools and processes that exhibit these traits.

Examples include emacs (all-time-favorite), NetBeans, git, NeXT InterfaceBuilder, lisp, JavaFX, APL Virtual Machines, Enterprise Integration Patterns, Intellij IDEA, MTS macros (don't ask), Jenkins, JavaSpaces, MongoDB, Wireshark, WebSockets, messaging systems, maven, REST, JMeter, Ruby on Rails, ...

And now Stackato. Last month I installed Stackato and deployed a sample app from the Stackato App Store. The instant it launched was like being struck by lightning. I literally had to stand up and pace the room while its implications and potential sunk in.


So now I'm a convert, to the extent that I've chosen, after more than a decade of software engineering, to return to my roots as a technology evangelist (which was my first gig at Sun back in the 90's).

I can't believe I'm now getting paid to explore and share the power and potential of this tool, which has just found a prominent space in my developer toolbench.

Watch this space where I'll be a frequent contributer, covering lots of ground but focusing hard on enterprise software development practices, good and bad, and the many ways that PaaS and Stackato can help developers succeed.

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John Wetherill, ActiveState's Technology Evangelist. Originally from Canada, John has spent much of his career designing and building software at a handful of startups, at Sun Microsystems, NeXT Inc., and more recently in the smart grid and energy space. His biggest passion is for developer tools, or more generally any tool, language, process, or system that improves developer productivity and quality of life. Without question, Stackato is one such tool and the reason why he is here. No stranger to technology evangelism, John spent several years in the late 1990's on Sun's Technology Evangelism Team spreading the Java Gospel across the globe and focusing on the prolific number of Java technologies. Now John is now returning to his roots, as a technology evangelist working for a Canadian company, albeit remotely from Santa Cruz.