Mobile Apps & Stackato: Develop Once, Deploy to Any Cloud with FeedHenry
by Diane Mueller

Diane Mueller, October 25, 2012

The latest of release of FeedHenry's App Studio includes a complete re-vamp of the Cloud Management section, enabling one-click mobile application deployment to any Stackato system, running on any cloud.

In my earlier blog post on FeedHenry, our mobile application partners, I raved about how FeedHenry was making it super simple to design mobile application clients for multiple devices, then deploy the application's server-side back end to Stackato. In essence, Stackato makes it's amazingly simple to securely host this "backend-as-a-service" on any Private Cloud.

I was so thrilled about the combined power of Feedhenry & Stackato, I even did a live demo and lightning talk for CloudCamp at OSCON, showing the two working in tandem.

The only things missing from my POV were:

  1. the ability to do all the deployment steps seamlessly from their beautiful web-based UI and
  2. creating multiple Stackato deployment targets.

The latest Enterprise release of FeedHenry's App Studio included both of these wishes, and lots of other great features, in a complete re-vamp of their administration and cloud management panels.

FeedHenry Stackato Targets

Cloud Deployment Targets allow developers to deploy apps to PasS platforms other than the built-in FeedHenry cloud environment.

Developers can now create as many Stackato deployment targets as they want and use any one of them when deploying the application.

Why multiple deployment targets are important for private clouds

There can be many private clouds that your organization might want to deploy their internal custom mobile applications to. The idea is to develop once, deploy on any private cloud – on-premise or securely hosted by a third-party provider.

For example, a multi-national corporation may have subsidiaries located in different parts of the world with different compliance regulations that force them to keep their data and applications running on clouds hosted within their borders.

That company may have a custom mobile customer support application, developed in-house, that they want all their employees to use for consistency of service. But, for compliance and regulatory reasons, each subsidiary must host the back end for that application on a cloud in their own country.

It's a new world out there now

With FeedHenry App Studio aiding developers in designing applications that will run on any mobile device, and Stackato's ability to run on any cloud and provide the secure private backend-as-a-service, enterprises can deploy their customized mobile applications anywhere in the world.

There's always more...

To learn more about what's in the latest release of Feedhenry App Studio, be sure to check out their online forums and watch some of their online video tutorials.

To learn more about ActiveState Stackato and deploying your enterprise mobile applications on secure private clouds, check out

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