They Chose Stackato
by Bart Copeland

Bart Copeland, December 6, 2012

PoweredBy This week, ActiveState was in Frankfurt, Germany to attend the HP Discover 2012 conference. One of the event’s highlights was Zorawar "Biri" Singh’s keynote presentation, “HP Converged Cloud Portfolio: Unleashing the Enterprise Cloud.” Biri, senior vice president and general manager of HP Cloud Services, announced the HP Cloud Application PaaS (soon to be in private beta), produced in collaboration with a “great partner”: ActiveState. The new HP Cloud Application PaaS will be powered by Stackato, effectively making Stackato the PaaS engine for HP Cloud Services. (Find more partnership details in today’s press release here.)

It is an exciting day for ActiveState and enterprise cloud customers who can now work with the leading private PaaS on a leading cloud infrastructure. I wanted to share my thoughts about what this OEM partnership means for ActiveState and for the PaaS market.
First and foremost, HP chose us. After a very thorough evaluation of PaaS technologies, they selected Stackato based on its technical superiority. It is gratifying to know that months of creative thinking, strategic decision-making, and focused Stackato development effort have paid off with this rather shiny stamp of approval as the industry leader. With technical merits like polyglot support, end-to-end development, elastic scalability, and a robust security model, Stackato stood above the rest. HP could have picked any public or private PaaS from any vendor. They chose Stackato from ActiveState. ActiveState is an established company with thousands of enterprise customers and a deep understanding of what enterprises need and want in regard to PaaS.
Second, this OEM partnership validates Stackato’s enterprise-customer-focused technology and endorses the PaaS market space. We know Stackato is good. It is the premier PaaS technology. Our market traction in the F1000 tells us we are building valuable technology for the enterprise. Cloud hosting providers also see the value… so much so that they are willing to put their own name on our technology.
When we started building Stackato, we had two target markets in mind: enterprises and cloud hosting providers. Building successful cloud infrastructure services is not easy, nor is extending that infrastructure up to include middleware. Stackato fills the gap, and extends the cloud infrastructure to include PaaS. Look for other IaaS providers to follow suit.
It’s still early days. The PaaS market may be in its infancy, but it is poised for rapid growth. Gartner Research predicts that the PaaS market will grow to nearly $3B within three years. Here at ActiveState, we are already feeling the impact of the projected growth, with steady enterprise customer demand for Stackato and new partnerships. This week’s announcement marks a great milestone in the ascendancy of PaaS and the continued success of Stackato.
This partnership is also great news for our current and future customers. The technology integration will enable large enterprises to take advantage of the public cloud, with the added security of Stackato PaaS technology.
I am in Germany so allow me to quote Goethe: “Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.” I want to thank our incredible team at ActiveState. We dreamed big, and Stackato has the power to move PaaS technology far ahead. What we have been able to accomplish in a relatively short time is astonishing, and I could not be prouder.

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Your 100% correct that PaaS is going to explode. Firms like yours and others like Cumulogic in the Java world are on the forefront of the evolution. Everyday watching these firms and the new degree of growth makes getting into the office an exciting proposition. We look forward to the continued success and growth in the market...