The Twelve Developers of Christmas: Andreas Kupries, Lover of Languages
by Isabelle Groc

Isabelle Groc, December 10, 2012

This month, we celebrate twelve Stackato ActiveState developers who share thoughts about the product, little known facts about them, and what they want for Christmas.

Andreas Kupries, Senior Tcl Developer, was born in the town of Willich, located near Düsseldorf, Germany. He joined ActiveState in 2001, and his Stackato work mostly focuses on the command line client. When he is not programming in Tcl, his favourite language, he is avidly reading the words of others.

How did you become a developer?

Relatively early with the first computer I owned, the Colour Genie in the 1980s, and PC's in school (TurboPascal, anyone?). Then I studied computer science at university, and worked in small and medium companies until the jump over the pond to ActiveState.

Do you have a developer nickname?

The nearest to that is likely “aku.”

What do you do when you are not developing?

Mostly reading.

The best book you have read this year?

I am not sure if it was this year, Diane Duane's Omnitopia Dawn. I generally like her Young Wizards series. While marketed for young adults, it should be mandatory reading for any politician. Most stuff I read is the book equivalent of action movies, and so there is not that much to write home about. Eric Flint's alternate history books, the 1632 Series, are very interesting, even when there is action. Maybe because it is set during the Thirty Years’ War in Germany, and I can somewhat relate to the places. For a very visual book I bought this year and loved: Theodore Gray’s The Elements: A Visual Exploration Of Every Known Atom In The Universe.

What do you want for Christmas?

Eh ... Peace on earth, not that we will get it. More sensible politicians might be a good start. Not that we will have that either.

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