Where Are the Enterprise PaaS Customers? Over Here, Using Stackato
by Toph Whitmore

Toph Whitmore, January 2, 2013

Last month, a public-Platform-as-a-Service provider sponsored a webinar, and that company’s CEO asked plaintively, “Why aren’t enterprises buying Platform as a Service?” Actually, it was a refrain throughout his presentation – “What’s holding back [PaaS] adoption within enterprises?” “Why aren’t you buying PaaS today?”

That CEO’s questions were meant to be rhetorical, but I can’t help answering: Enterprises are buying Platform as a Service today. They’re buying private-PaaS technology from ActiveState (and apparently not public-PaaS offerings from that other company). Enterprise customers are purchasing and deploying Stackato, always after a meticulous due diligence effort, and usually after comparing that other PaaS company’s offering. Stackato private-PaaS technology enables those enterprise developers and CIOs to deploy, manage, secure, control, and truly own their own cloud platform, without having to rely on a third-party service provider.

Since that other PaaS company’s CEO asked, I thought I’d outline how ActiveState’s enterprise customers are benefitting from Stackato private-PaaS technology. (In addition to new customer adoption, we’re also seeing sell-in growth—Our existing enterprise customers are some of our best champions, and are evangelizing Stackato private-PaaS technology to other stakeholders within their own companies.)

Here’s a sampling of how some Stackato enterprise customers use and benefit from Stackato:

  • The good folks at HP liked Stackato so much they put their own name on it: HP recently entered into a licensing agreement with ActiveState for OEM integration. At the HP Discover conference in Frankfurt, HP introduced the HP Cloud Application PaaS, powered by Stackato from ActiveState. With integrated Stackato technology, the HP Cloud Application PaaS provides the PaaS engine for HP Cloud Services. (On a related subject, check out HP engineer Matt Butcher’s blog post on how HP’s DevEx team has implemented Stackato in its cloud architecture.)
  • A F100 networking giant with headquarters in Silicon Valley is deploying Stackato to simplify cloud management processes and speed time-to-market for its corporate-website-based support applications. (This company recently doubled-down on its Stackato investment.)
  • A world leader in next-generation mobile technologies (and also a member of the F500 club) needed a polyglot private-PaaS solution, and Stackato delivered. The mobile technology multinational is deploying Stackato within its R&D organization to empower developers to innovate, and to become more nimble and more responsive to market change.
  • An open-source technology community (think big) is currently implementing Stackato for its web-based applications.
  • Indianapolis-based ExactTarget is the global leader in providing marketing Software-as-a-Service solutions. ExactTarget development teams use Stackato to deploy and manage mission-critical applications. With Stackato, ExactTarget gets products to market fast—Those development teams have seen cloud deployment times shortened from weeks to minutes. At a company committed to continuous innovation, Stackato fosters experimentation and effectively lowers the cost of mistakes, allowing developers to focus on their own imagination instead of getting bogged down in administration, troubleshooting, and rework.
  • A U.S.-based global aerospace firm (and also another F100 company) has implemented Stackato…but we don’t know what for! The defense contractor is using Stackato for its mission-critical (very mission-critical) cloud application management. And that’s about all they’ll tell us, what with the top-secret nature of the deployment. Well, that and that they’re seeing accelerated deployment and productivity gains with Stackato.

Here at ActiveState, we’re enjoying Stackato’s market traction as enterprise customers around the world realize the benefits of adopting Stackato private-PaaS technology. Needless to say, we don’t have to ask where the enterprise PaaS customers are. They’re over here, using Stackato, and getting their apps to market faster, safer, and smarter.

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