ActiveState in the News
by Toph Whitmore

Toph Whitmore, February 20, 2013

Just a quick roundup of some recent ActiveState media coverage:

Jetpacks, Flying Cars, and…Private PaaS? published a byline from ActiveState CEO Bart Copeland this week: “Platform-as-a-Service: 6 Ways PaaS Will Change The Enterprise.” In the article, Copeland looks into his crystal ball, and sees a bold new future for private PaaS in the enterprise. Think mobile, hybrid, “anyglot,” and “SuperAgile.”

Learning to Scale Websites at Mozilla

InfoQ’s Aslan Brooke interviewed Mozilla web engineer Brandon Burton last week on how Mozilla is “scaling websites from thousands to hundreds of millions of users through simple scaling patterns.” Burton talks caching, scaling out web servers, asynchronous jobs, dbs, and the future of DevOps at Mozilla. (Hint: Stackato is a big part of that.) And if you can make it to this week’s Southern California Linux Expo, do not miss Burton’s presentation on the subject.

Complacency Kills

Silicon Angle recently published another article from ActiveState CEO Bart Copeland, “Run Your Enterprise Like a Startup (Or Die Not Trying).” Copeland describes how big enterprises can become nimble again. Investing in cloud technologies can help foster innovation and entrepreneurialism in even the most staid organizations.

What’s Not to Like? Stackato and Komodo Both Get Dr. Dobb’s “Jolt Awards” Recognition

ActiveState enjoyed a “twofer,” as Dr. Dobb’s recognized both Stackato and Komodo as finalists for this year’s Jolt Awards in the Coding Tools category. Writing about Stackato, Dr. Dobb’s editor Gary Evans noted, “Scalability is an obvious need for a cloud offering and Stackato adroitly opens the path for a company to start with a Micro Cloud installation and cluster additional instances…What’s not to like here?”

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