Komodo 8.0 Beta Now Available
by Todd Whiteman

Todd Whiteman, February 08, 2013

Komodo 8 logoWe are excited to announce that the Komodo 8.0 beta is now available for both Edit and IDE. With 8.0.0b1, we are nearing the end of our pre-release build cycle, which will lead to the official Komodo 8.0 release in early 2013.

Here is an overview of the major features included in the 8.0 beta.

User Interface Styling

We’ve revamped the Komodo user interface. The toolbars, statusbars and side panes have all been updated, the editor schemes have been tweaked, and we’ll continue to improve the styling throughout the Komodo 8 release series. However, the old Komodo 7 styling is still selectable in preferences, along with a myriad of new icon sets.

New user interface with mini-map

Floating Side Panes (Undocking)

You now get the ability to detach individual side pane tabs (Places, Code Browser, Debug, Find Results, Breakpoints, etc.) into their own separate window. For example, you can put your debugging pane on a completely separate monitor screen (if you’re lucky enough to have multiple monitors).

Undock debugger side pane

Auto Abbreviations

Komodo now provides automatic triggering for a selected group of toolbox abbreviations (snippets). This makes developing code faster, smarter and easier, with the user in complete control of the content being inserted. The screenshot below shows a Python auto abbreviation after typing “class” (note the space) and then tabbing between the different positions.

Python auto abbreviation snippet

Conditional Snippets

It’s now possible to use JavaScript code within a snippet, so you can programatically determine the snippet contents at runtime. Komodo allows the use of Embedded JavaScript (EJS) inside of the snippet text, which will be dynamically executed inside of Komodo’s JavaScript environment. As such, it has full access to the Komodo JavaScript API.


Sitting right next to your editor scrollbar, the mini-map gives a high-level (10,000 foot) view of your code. It gives just enough details to allow you to quickly scroll and re-position the editor on a targeted section of code.

Fast Open Shortcuts

When using the fast open dialogue, you can now make a shortcut to frequently used files and directories. For example, given the directory “/some/long/path/to/my/code”, you can make a shortcut called “code”. Then, using the fast open dialogue, simply type “code/” to see all the files in this directory without the need to type out the full path.

Fast Open shortcut

Other Features

There are many more items we’ve added in this release, including:

  • Open Files Side Pane
  • Retina Support - Mac OS X
  • Fast Open Shortcuts
  • New Languages (Laravel Blade - a PHP templating language, and Sass - syntex checking added)
  • Updated Code Base (Mozilla 18, Python 2.7, Scintilla 3.2.4, Cocoa 64-bit on Mac)

You can view the release notes for the full list of updates.

Download the Komodo IDE 8.0 beta:

Download the Komodo Edit 8.0 beta:

We look forward to hearing your feedback (good and bad), so please let us know how you feel and what you’d like to see improved.


“Auto Abbreviations” is an interesting feature, but need to be configurable to accept this format too:

if (...)

Not only:

if (...) {

Both are used.


Will/Can there be a quick ‘how to’ on using the new features when final release happens? Maybe just a page or two that is a little more detailed than this posting.

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