From DevOps to Private PaaS: Bridging the Divide
by Isabelle Groc

Isabelle Groc, May 10, 2013

Interviewed by Cloudcast's Aaron Delp, Bart Copeland and John Wetherill engaged in a lively discussion on how developers are adopting DevOps models and how polyglot PaaS technologies are deployed in the enterprise.

"We understand open source, developers, and the enterprise," said Bart Copeland who presented ActiveState and Stackato. "The intersection of those three things is how we built the company."  

Asked about the big trends impacting developers in the enterprise environment, developer evangelist John Wetherill talked about big data, and "the ability for developers to access, manage, control, and analyze that data." Other trends Wetherill identified included the significance of mobile applications, the convergence of best practices in software development, and the importance of agility and rapid application deployment. "Development teams should be building killer applications, not fiddling with the plumbing," Wetherill said.

That's where platform as a service (PaaS) comes in. And Copeland, inspired by the book The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win, discussed the different ways in which PaaS reduces cycle times for application deployment and makes the job of DevOps easier.

The true challenge in any enterprise is not the technology but the people, and PaaS shines in the relationship-building department. "Private paas is a wonderful collaboration mechanism between different groups in the organization, between developers and devOps," Copeland said. 

Listen to the full podcast on the Cloudcast website

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