DevOps Days Comes To Vancouver, October 25-26th
by Phil Whelan

Phil Whelan, August 20, 2013

Vancouver WaterfrontIt's finally happening! DevOps Days will be landing in Vancouver, BC later this year. This conference, which is now happening frequently around the globe, is THE conference for bridging the gap between developers and operations. DevOps Days is a grassroots event for folks in the field connecting, sharing war stories, advice, ideas, and tools relating to DevOps. It is organized by people who care about DevOps.

Prior to the event in Vancouver, there are upcoming DevOps Days events in Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Atlanta, and New York. The "Downunder" DevOps Days just took place in Sydney a few weeks ago and before that was Amsterdam, Mountain View, Paris, and London. This is a truly international affair.

Organizing Team

I am one of the organizers, along with Jenny Yang (Metafor Software), Sean Rousseau (Metafor Software), Dave Whiteley (StrongLoop), Natalie Murray (Demonware), Kelcey Damage (Backbone Technology) and Jonathan Thorpe (Serena). You can find us here on Twitter.

Call For Talk Proposals

We are currently shouting out for speakers. If you are doing something new and interesting in the DevOps space we want to hear from you! If you have some great to talk about, then we're happy to help you polish and practice your presentation.

Also, if you know someone who would be a great speaker or somebody you would like to see, let us know! This is a community driven event, so we want your input.

Patrick Debois, who started DevOps Days and is also helping co-ordinate events around the world, recently said in an interview that "the content of the show needs to continuously evolve and be new. We don’t want content that is already available online. We want new content and controversial ideas for our audience." Let's make that happen!

Here are some past proposals from the Mountain View event to give you an idea. We are looking for either 30 minutes talks or five minute "Ignite" talks.

ActiveState is a Gold Sponsor

Without sponsorship, these events would be much more difficult to organize. ActiveState is happy to be sponsoring DevOps Days in Vancouver. Why do we care? Because most of our Stackato customers are involved in DevOps, and this is a community we want to support in any way we can.

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